How Do You Perceive Google PageRank?

Page Rank Dance Google's latest pagerank updates were reported this past week and like previous updates there were lots of complaints of sites losing PR by a notch or two. Of course, there were also some sites happy to announce that they have seen improvements in their pagerank.

Although, you would have read about the pros and cons of this periodic fluctuations of a ranking system that's measured on a scale from 0 to 10 - the greater the number, the better it is for your site -- most people are still unsure how Big G's pagerank algorithm really works.

There are other search engines on the Internet but, being the top dog in search engines, Google is regarded as the one that really counts. And if you are rubbing Goog the wrong way like selling links or using some other tricks, you just might get hit by the Google slapfest.

Many people have formed theories about how Google rank sites. but there's no foregone conclusion. To most of us, it looks like there's a discrepancy in Goog's choice of bestowing pagerank on certain sites. For example, we see sites that appear to be more like scrapper sites getting a pagerank while another site with good articles is still without a pagerank.

It would seem that Google's PR algorithm works in mysterious fashion, but like it or not, Google PageRank is an important aspect of Internet life.

Free organic web traffíc from Big G is vital to any online site or business. One Internet marketer says he would take traffíc from Google over any other source of traffíc on the web, except for traffíc coming from his articles on other sites, and even that traffíc probably originated from a search in Google.

"Google and Google PageRank have always been important to me - that's one of the reasons a sudden large drop causes so much concern. There's another important reason Google PageRank is important to me," writes Titus Hoskins

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