Keyword Targeting Could Get You More Traffic

We all hate getting caught in a traffic snarl. It's an everyday headache for almost everyone who drives in the city. But in the virtual world of cyberspace, website traffic is something we all crave for if you are into Internet marketing or some other forms of online business.

This kind of traffic is essential if you have a website or a blog. You need to attract other Web users to your site so that you can get them to buy your products or read your articles. What use is a website if nobody knows about it?

If you are a corporate advertiser or an online entrepreneur, you might want to consider buying traffic which is typically known as Pay Per Click advertising. This approach could be quite complicated for those not familiar with it. Anyway, it's not for most people although we see Google turning in good revenue from their Adwords, a reflection of the popularity of this PPC program.

The other option involves 'borrowing traffic' whereby a site seeks to exchange links with another site or enter into a joint venture with another marketer or company.

The link exchange is a tricky approach. It's not easy to get a site with high pagerank and traffic to link to you if you are a "nobody." If you managed to exchange links with an average site, traffic juice may not be up to scratch. Joint venture usually means hooking up with an affiliate marketer whose products complement yours - a kind of "you scratch my back and I scratch yours" business arrangement.

Now you are seeing how tricky it could be in your quest to garner quality web traffic. It always involves giving something in return when you strike a deal with another web user but there's always the 'doubt factor' whether it will be successful or not.

No, it's not all 'doom and gloom' yet. In fact, one of the best ways to start is drive your own traffic by putting your site high on the radar. Okay, I admit there are literally hundreds of ways to do it but just take note of two of the most popular methods -- article submission (i.e. Article Marketer, Ezine Articles, Go Articles, etc.) and video (think YouTube).

Oops! There's one more important thing to remember and it could well be one of the best ways to get traffic that's truly targeted. This would be organic search engine traffic which has a tendency to convert well since people are targeting keywords.

Get your site to be ranked high on the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages) by applying the most relevant keywords so search engine spiders like Google's will get your site indexed. I'm not going into the full details here on how you can perform this trick. - by Titus Hoskins


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