Making Money Online As A Writer

Make money online The Internet has opened the door for many would-be writers to make money online by writing for businesses. But before you can jump in, you need to know a few things about the "art of online writing" and how to sell yourself to potential business clients.

Becoming a successful online writer and publisher is perhaps not for everyone, but if you have the knack for it and the determination to learn the ropes, you can go far and be in great demand. As writer Angela Booth explains in this article, writing for businesses online can be a profitable venture because of the limitless markets that are waiting for you out there.

How To Make Money Online by Writing for Businesses

Here's an easy way to make money online - write for businesses.

Every business dependson communication for its profits, so if you can write, you have an unlimited market for your words. Businesses Will Pay You to Well Write on a Per-Project Basis

Think about what you're writing now. Do you write white papers, marketing communications or reports in your day job?

If you do, you're golden. Businesses have an endless appetite for these. You can start your own writing services business part time, and then go full time when your income surpasses what you're making in your day job. It will do this very quickly.

If you don't write in your day job, but write as a hobby, a great way to make money online is to write articles for online businesses. If you can write around 500 words on a range of topics you'll be in super-high demand.

How to Get Started

You get started by finding a business which will pay you to write for them. This is much easier than you think.

Start with businesses you know - the businesses in your city which have Web sites. Just get in touch, and ask what writing services they need. Yes, it really is that simple. You'll find that may of the local businesses which hire you will turn into on-going customers, paying you thousands of dollars each year to write for them.

Next, use the online classifieds sites, and advertise there. If you use the classifieds sites, it's best to wait until you've written five to ten projects for clients. Create a small Web site, and (with the permission of your clients) post the writing there as an online portfolio.

How Long Until you Can Quit your Day Job?

I'm often asked how long before you can quit your day job and just write full time for businesses.

If you throw yourself into this with great enthusiasm and treat it as a second job, you can do it within three months.

As more and more businesses move their operations online, the demand for writers will continue to grow. Not only can you make great money, but you can work the hours you choose and get paid much more than in most regular jobs.

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