Who And What Is Vinefire?

Just imagine this...Vinefire.com is gonna add $100 to your account from each person who signs up. Creating an account with Vinefire is quick, easy and doesn't cost a penny. In fact, each person whom you refer to will start his or her own account with a $100 balance. Yup, that's what Vinefire is offering to new signups. Makes you think, isn't it?
But if you click on the link and do not join Vinefire then, sad to say, you will not get the $100 credit. Fair enough, it's the person's call...to sign up or not to sign up. 

Now, this is not gonna last forever. Vinefire's offer is guaranteed to work for the next 10 days. After that, the shutters are up. This is what we call a "quick job".

Dear visitors, this post is as good as the 10 days given to take up this challenge. Starting right now. For late arrivals here, it doesn't matter any more! 

Now, you may ask...who and what is Vinefire?

According to their site's statement, Vinefire is an experiment. A place where home business and self-employment opportunities compete for your attention, and you earn cash by viewing and voting on them. Best of all — it's FREE!

They have a Vinefire Forums where you can read up more about them.

Vinefire says they started the company with no investor money. They have every intention to let Vinefire be acquired eventually by a larger company and they expect to make millions of dollars out of this sale to pay out to members.

So right now, they don't have the cash in hand to pay out everyone...today!

They claim their hosting is done in a world-class facility and that costs them money to maintain their site. Meanwhile, members and newcomers are asked to support them and help the company grow so that the big payout will come when Company X buys them out.

Remember Agloco?  Not to mention WealthToolBox. Deja vu!  So, does Vinefire come under this 4-letter word starting with an S---?

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